Our Services


Moonsez Art Academy provides child training in 5 areas. Art, Craft, Caligraphy, Poetry recitation and Hand writings. Our art area cover Basic art, water color, poster color, oil color, sketch, Design, illustration etc. Our Craft cover mask painting, pot painting, vase painting, glass painting, Hand painting, Batik, Collage, Paper craft, clay work, Recycle item craft etc. Calligraphy cover 3 language. This is Bengali, Arabic and English.Our Hand writing cover Bengali and English letter and number count with 4(four) font.


Moonsez Art Academy arranges several types of workshop in academy and others places.Any school or organization can invite us for workshop. We already cover workshops in different area like stamp design, illustration 3D book, making traditional art work of Bangladesh- paper mask & dangler mask, painting on hand fan, sora painting & pot painting, women’s day, children’s day, independence day, victory day, mother’s day, stencil etc with our Founder Artist Shadia Sharmin and other renown national and international artists.


Moonsez Art Academy gives Event Management service in occassional and seasonal event for corporate client in Bangladesh. In 2018, we work with Rangs properties. We have provided paper mask & dangler mask, painting on hand fan, sora painting & pot painting services. We want to focus our local heritage, culture in event management. We beleive that our child will know better our culture when they work with them. Moonsez Art Academy creates opportunity to our student to gain local arts and cultures.


Moonsez Art Academy arranges exhbition regularly. Our some exhibition are 
* Stamp design at Alliance Francaise- Zoom Gallery in 9 October 2018 in World Post day
* Stamp design at Bangladesh National Museum - Nalini Kanta Bhattasali Gallery in 1-5 December 2018
* Stamp design in 2018 at St. Gregory’s club
* A long day art work presentation for Swapath at Bissho Sathitto Kendro on woman’s day in 2018.


Moonsez Art Academy encourages their student to share art in national and international exhibition and competion.
Our student Khodeza Mahmud has achieved GOLD MEDAL from 19th international child art exhibition, 2017 organized by KSHITIJ.ORG. 
Another 2 students Sayma Ahad Khan & Shanjida Nahar are achieved Bicycle from Dhaka international Trade Fair, 2017 organized by Chopstick Instant Nodules. Both are the best 5 from the whole of Bangladesh.


Moonsez Art Academy works with collaboration with national and international organization. Our one important program is "Daak-ticketey Dekhi Amar Desh". Alliance Francaise de Dhaka (AFD) and Moonsez Art Academy have jointly organized the inaugural ceremony of the group painting exhibition, featuring the artworks by budding painters of Moonsez Art Academy Under the supervision of Artist Shadia Sharmin. This is the first stamp Art exhibition By painted 28 child Artists in Bangladesh.